Silage Baler & Wrapper Machine Subsidy Punjab – How to Apply, Application Form 2023

As per a recent announcement, now farmers of Punjab can get subsidies on silage baler & wrapper machines. The scheme offers a 40% subsidy. Now Farmers will receive up to Rs. 5.60 lakh per machine in financial assistance.

Interested and eligible farmers need to download the scheme application form as PDF, take the printout, fill it in and submit it at the concerned office. Let’s know all about the Silage baler cum wrapper machine subsidy scheme.

The Punjab government launched a new programme to provide farmers with a 40% subsidy on Silage Baler-cum-Wrapper machines through Punjab Dairy Development Board, in order to improve dairy farming in Punjab.

Punjab Silage Baler & Wrapper Machine Subsidy Scheme

What is a Silage Baler Machine

A silage baler machine is a machine that is used to compress and store forage crops, such as hay or straw. The main purpose of a silage baler is to reduce the volume of the forage crop so that it can be stored more efficiently. Silage balers typically have a large chamber that the forage crop is fed into, and a piston that compresses the crop.

Silage Baler & Wrapper Combo Machine

The ability of agricultural professionals to work more effectively and efficiently is facilitated by the consolidation of the baling and wrapping processes into a single step. This not only helps save time and money, but also improves the feed’s overall quality, which is of much greater importance. The fermentation and storage of a wide variety of other materials, in addition to the more common grass silage, is gaining in popularity. Some of these materials include maize silage, CCM, alfalfa, and sugar beets.

Punjab’s Minister of Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, and Dairy Development a media interaction stated that the government of Punjab was continually working to modernise the production and maintenance of green fodder.

Minister of Animal Husbandry said that increasing the amount of green forage will increase milk production and reduce the amount devoted to traditional crops such as wheat and paddy, thus conserving groundwater.

He also stated that under this programme, the government would provide up to Rs. 5.60 lakh in financial assistance to the progressive farmer who purchases the machine.

The Minister also said that the availability of green forage throughout the year has been a substantial issue for dairy farmers since it is common for green forages to be abundant in some months and scarce in others.

Some progressive farmers were making silage from green forage in the traditional manner to combat this issue, but it could not be transported between locations or stored for a longer period of time.

Now, however, with the invention of these new advanced technology machines, silage balers made from green forage can be quickly wrapped and packaged in bags and tubes, and easily transported to small, landless farmers, urban dairies, and green forage-deficient states.

This move would create new opportunities for state farmers and would also encourage them to become self-employed, helping them expand their businesses by selling packaged milk to landless and needy dairy farmers across the country.

How to Apply for Silage Baler cum Wrapper Machine Subsidy in Punjab

As per the latest information Cornest Agri Products Pvt. Ltd. (Hyderabad), Nav Bharat Farmers Producers Company Limited (Andhra Pradesh), Massers Bakhshish Industries (Bassi Pathana), Dynamic Machinery and Equipment Company (Ludhiana), and Ujjawala Harvester Corporation (Andhra Pradesh) expressed interest in empanelment

Only three companies, Masers Ujjawala Harvester Corporation, Dynamic Machinery & Equipment, and Masers Bakhshish Industries, were found to comply with the established standards and produce 100- and 500-kilogram bundles, according to the expert committee’s evaluation of the companies’ proposals and field trials of these machines.

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contact the department’s helpline at 0172-5027285 during business hours for additional information.


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