High Security Number Plate HSRP Punjab Apply Online, Registration Form 2022

HSRP Punjab is a topic, which needs to be circulated among every vehicle owner in the State. High Security Registration Number plates in Punjab can be ordered online now. Thanks to a dedicated punjab hsrp portal, now you can apply online for new high security number plate. This article clears all you doubts regarding the application process, fees and fixation of new number plates.

The Punjab government is urging the citizens to get the High security plates installed as soon as possible. If you haven’t installed it yet, you must apply for HSRP asap. This article clears all your doubts related to Punjab HSRP. You will know about the Pricing (fees), online application and fitment process.

HSRP is a “high-security registration plate” made of aluminium that has two non-reusable locks and an Ashoka Chakra holographic symbol that is based on chromium. This hologram essentially verifies that the licence plate is authentic and not a copy. In addition, it is printed with a 10-digit permanent identification number (PIN). The main objective of the HSRP is to identify stolen automobiles with fake licence plates.

HSRP Punjab – High Security Registration Number Plate

The punjab transport department recently released a notification for fixation of HSRPs as soon as possible.

High Security Number plate Punjab

High Security Number Plates must be permanently mounted to all two-wheelers and four-wheelers, according to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH). All states, including Punjab, must abide by this rule. If you reside in Punjab, a government-approved website at punjabhsrp.in will allow you to submit an online application for a high-security number plate for your vehicle.

This tutorial will be your complete guide to understanding the full process of applying for a High Security Number Plate in Punjab. Ensure to read on till the very end.

HSRP in Punjab – Why Do you need it?

  • Because they have two difficult-to-replace snap-on locks that are not detachable, HSRPs are tamper-proof.
  • Since the criminal cannot replace the licence plate, the stolen car can be easily located.
  • Only once the car owner has supplied details, such as the engine and chassis numbers, are the high-security registration plates given. In the event that a car is stolen, the information is all saved in a centralised database and aids the authorities in locating the owner.
  • Additionally, people used to choose a variety of typefaces and designs for their licence plates, which makes it challenging for traffic police to read the number on the plate; nevertheless, HSRPs adhere to a common pattern, which solves this issue.

HSRP Price 2022 for 2/4 Wheelers

The cost of HSRP is much more likely to vary between states because the national government has not established a price for it. The kind and class of the vehicle also play a role. When applying online, the cost of an HSRP in Punjab will be shown. An HSRP typically costs roughly 400 for two-wheelers and 1,100 for four-wheelers in Punjab. For about Rs 100, you could purchase the colour-coded stickers if you already have HSRP.

Punjab HSRP Online Apply – High Security Number Plate Registration 2022

If you want to register online for an HSRP in Punjab, you can do it from the official website launched by the state government at punjabhsrp.in. Let us explore the complete process of HSRP online registration for your vehicle as well as other details relating to the fees associated with the process. Ensure to read it till the very end.

  • First head on to the official website of the State Transport Commissioner, Punjab at punjabhsrp.in.
punjabhsrp official website
  • Now click on the “Apply HSRP Online Pay HSRP Fee” option. You will now be redirected to an online application on the portal.
high security number plate registration 2022 punjab
  • Fill in all the requisite details like Chassis number, vehicle registration number etc as mentioned in the application form. In the “Application Type”, select the OLD (FULL HSRP SET) if you are applying for a new set of HSRP for your vehicle. For other cases, choose the applicable type. Also, choose the location where you need to do the fitment of the new HSRP.
choose application type
  • Also, choose the location where you need to do the fitment of the new HSRP. This can be done at your home or at RTA/SDM.
hsrp fitment selection
  • In case of RTA/SDM fitment, choose the RTA/SDM office as per your location along with the authorised fitment centre. Now, click on “Submit” to proceed. In case of home fitment, the user will need to pay an additional convenience fee based on the type of vehicle.
Enter details
  • On the next page, you will find the complete details for the fees. Now, choose the date of fitment. Select a preferrable date and the time slot. Click on “Pay”.
hsrp fees punjab
  • Now, you can use any preferred online mode of payment to pay the requisite fee for the HSRP fitment.
online payment
  • Now, click on the “Proceed with Payment” when the Convenience Fee Pop up comes up.
  • Complete the payment.
complete payment
  • After successful payment, you will be redirected to the confirmation page. Click on the “Print Challan” to download the online application to keep it for future use.
application successful
  • You should now have successfully applied for the HSRP. Now, all you need to do is head on to the fitment centre (or wait for the call, if fitment location is home) based on the time slot allotted and get your HSRP fixed.
hsrp punjab receipt
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Frequently asked questions

Is high security number plate mandatory in Punjab?

Every two-wheelers and four-wheeler, including old and heavier vehicles sold before 1 April 2019, must have High-Security Number Plates, according to the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, and CMVR, 1989 regulations. This rule must be followed in all states, including Punjab.

Can RC be granted to new vehicles without HSRP in Punjab?

New vehicles cannot apply for vehicle-related papers, such as RC, without an HSRP. You would not be able to obtain an RC for your car since the registration of new automobiles without an HSRP has been prohibited.

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