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Scholarships for Sikh Students in India – A Comprehensive Guide

Student scholarship schemes are available in various forms. Some scholarships are based on merit, some on financial need, and some on both. Students who have a good academic record, but cannot afford college fees or other expenses can apply for financial assistance under various programs.

Scholarships are a great way to encourage students towards education. They also ensure that those who qualify can get an education even if they can’t afford it. Apart from government programs, there are many organizations that offer scholarships and it’s entirely possible to find one for any need. There are many scholarships available for Sikh students in India. There are scholarships for students with disabilities and scholarships for minority students.

This page is dedicated to sharing information related to various scholarship schemes for Sikh students. We have covered state-run and central government-run Sikh student scholarships. Let’s Get started

Scholarships for Sikh Students

Pre Matric Scholarship – The scholarship is available to the students of minority communities studying in Classes I to X. Read the given notification to understand all aspects.


Post Matric Scholarship – The Post Matric Scholarship Scheme is a central government-funded program that is implemented by state and local governments. The Scheme provides financial help to students who are studying at the post-matriculation or post-secondary level in order to complete their studies. Here are the complete details of this scholarship.


MERIT-CUM-MEANS based Scholarship – The Ministry of Minority Affairs’ main initiative is the Merit-Means Based Scholarship Scheme for Minorities. It is a Central Sector Scheme, with the Ministry of Minority Affairs providing 100% funding. The Merit-cum-Means Scholarship Scheme for Minorities has the goal of assisting children from minority communities and their families. This scholarship gives financial aid to deserving and impoverished students from minority populations who are pursuing graduate or postgraduate degrees in professional or technical fields. More Details are below:


Scholarship schemes for Sikh students by Independent groups & colleges.

Guru Harkrishan Educational Society Scholarship Scheme: For needy bright students studying in professional /Vocational courses such as Medical / Managerial / Technical / Scientific/ E Engg. /Computer Technology/ Graduation in commerce, education and Post Graduation, etc. So far, the Society has awarded a sum of Rs. 122.53 lac to 7181 students without any discrimination.

The Society since the year 1987-88 been engaged in giving financial assistance in the form of scholarships to the needy students getting vocational/Professional education on merit cum means and physical disability basis. The Scholarship is awarded without any discrimination of caste creed religion or domicile. The criteria for eligibility is as under


  • The Student should have passed the previous examination with a minimum of 60% marks.
  • Income of the parents of the students (both Father & mother) should not exceed Rs 25000 – p.m.(exclusive of House Rent Allowance and Fixed Medical Allowance in the case of employees/pensioners).

Also note that:

  1. Students shall not be in receipt of scholarship or any other concession from some other source.
  2. Students studying in any professional/ Vocational course such as Medical/ Managerial/ Technical/ Teaching /Scientific/ Engineering/ Computer Technology and Post Graduate Courses etc. shall be eligible to apply.

Applicants need to attach relevant documents like an original copy of income certificate, id cards, etc. Incomplete applications will not be entertained.

Here is the application form:


Scholarship Scheme for Students with Disabilities 2010-2011: In this scheme, a scholarship of Rs.700/-per month to a day scholar and 1,000/- per month to a hosteller is provided to the students pursuing Graduate and Post Graduate level technical or professional courses. A scholarship of Rs.400 /- per month to a day scholar Rs. 700/- per month to a hosteller is provided for pursuing diploma and certificate level professional courses. In addition to the scholarship, students have reimbursed the course fees subject to a ceiling of Rs. 10,000/- per year.

For detailed information on this scheme, READ THIS

Sikh Human Development Foundation (SHDF) Scholarship

The Sikh Human Development Foundation (SHDF) offers scholarships to bright students from low-income households in Punjab and other Northern Indian states to pursue higher education. Over the previous two decades, we’ve awarded over 7,000 scholarships, nearly three-quarters of which have gone to women, filling a vital gap in higher education finance.

Orphans, children of widows and terminally ill parents, farmers who committed suicide, agricultural laborers, domestic employees, female tailors, Gurudwara sewadars, and other economically disadvantaged households are among the scholarship recipients. The majority are from rural areas where they live in abject poverty. Scholarships have had a significant impact on the lives of scholarship recipients, their families, and sometimes entire towns.

Know more about SHDF Scholarship from Here


  1. Bibi Bhani Ji Scholarship for Sikh Religion
  2. Baba Moti Ram Mehra Ji Scholarship for Fatherless Students of BBSBEC
  3. Baba Moti Ram Mehra Ji Scholarship for Low Income Group Students of BBSBEC
  4. Bhai Gurdas Ji Scholarship for University Merit Position Holders of BBSBEC students
  5. Baba Zorawar Singh Ji Baba Fateh Singh Ji Scholarship for Excellence in Sports
  6. Diwan Todar Mal Ji scholarship for excellence in cultural events

Complete details are available HERE

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Scholarship Scheme by Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University

In order to encourage needy and meritorious students who cannot afford higher education, and in accordance with the mandate of the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee and the Sri Guru Granth Sahib World University Act, the University awards ‘Sri Guru Granth Sahib Scholarships’ to 10% of needy and meritorious students in all courses, against additional 10% supernumerary seats (seats above the sanctioned intake).

Complete Details HERE