Punjab Educare – App, Login, Student Corner

The Department of School Education, Punjab is providing excellent facilities to the students via the Punjab Educare app. Yes, the Educare website contains hundreds of free resources that students can download for free and learn anywhere.

The Punjab Educare app was launched during COVID-19 to ensure that students have enough study material while studying at home.

There is a dedicated “Students Corner” where there is ample study material for both, students of the primary wing as well as secondary wing.

Students may access the Punjab educare portal on their browser or even download the official Punjab educare app.

Punjab Educare

PlatformPunjab Educare
Developed ByEducation Department Punjab
Accessible onWebsite & Mobile App

Although there are enough resources for every search you make on search engines, when it comes to studying material, students need a perfect solution. Many companies offer paid services to access a vast array of study material, which is not affordable for every student, especially for students belonging to low-income groups.

Thanks to the launch of the Punjab educare system, the education department has given the utmost attention towards every student. Yes, now any student of Punjab can get ebooks and other study materials for free.

One can access the Punjab educare website or Educare app on their mobile phone.

Punjab Educare Website

The educare portal can be accessed at https://www.punjabeducare.org/. Students from the primary as well secondary wings can get free material for their study. There is no need to login, simply head to the website, choose your class and download the stuff for free. It’s that simple.


Punjab Educare App

For those, who want to access the educare platform on mobile, they can download the mobile app and start learning right away. The process is extremly simple

  • Head to Google play store
  • Search for Educare App
  • Download and install the app
  • Select your class, choose what you want to download
  • Download it and view it on your phone.

Students Corner on Punjab Educare

As mentioned before in this Article, a special section namely, Students corner is available on both the website and mobile app. Here is how to access students corner.

Access Students corner on App

  • Once you have downloaded and installed the app, open it up
  • After the app is completely loaded, Click on “Students’ Corner”
Students corner app
  • Then Select your Class and Subject
  • You can then download anything you want. i.e. Syllabus, Text books, Video Material, Solution, Worksheet etc.

Open Students Corner on Educare Website

If you are accessing Punjab Educare platform on your browser, follow these simple steps to access the students portal.

  • Head to the official website punjabeducare.org
  • On the top, click on “Students’ Corner”
punjabeducare students portal
  • Select your Class/Wing i.e. Primary Wing (LKG to 5th Class) or Secondary & Senior Secondary Wing (Upto Class 12th)
  • Click on the Subject name and download what you want for free

How to Login on Punjab Educare Platform

If you are seeking information regarding how to login on Punjab educare website or even the mobile app, kindly understand that there is no need to login on Punjab educare. Yeah, this kind of access is not usually given but this is the case with the punjab educare. You can access everything on the website without logging in.

Punjab Educare 2023 – Free Study Material on App/Website

In few minutes, you can download the PDF file of any type of study material of any subject. Yes, that’s true, follow these steps:

On Educare Mobile App

  • Open up the App
  • Click on “Students Corner”
  • Choose your Class
  • Choose your Subject
  • Choose what you want to download
  • Click on the link and download PDF

On Punjab Educare Portal

  • Head to official punjab educare website
  • Click on “Students Corner” section oin the Menu
  • Choose your Class
  • Choose your Subject
  • Download the File
Official Websitehttps://www.punjabeducare.org/
Students Cornerhttps://www.punjabeducare.org/students-corner
Download AppDirect Play Store Link


What is Punjab Educare?

It is a platform developed by the education department of Punjab during the COVID-19 times. After finding that this platform gained a lot of popularity among students, the department decided to continue offering the services even after COVID-19.

How to Access the Punjab educare platform?

You may visit the official website or download the mobile app.

How to Login on to the platform?

When you access the website or even the mobile app, there is no need to specify any username or password as there is no need to login. It is open to everyone seeking to learn.

Students from which classes can get benefit?

Students from Primary Wing (LKG to Class 5), Secondary Wing (Class 5,6,7,8,9,10) and Senior Secondary (Class 11,12) can avail the benefits.

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