Punjab Bijli Bill Check – How to Download PSPCL Bill

There are times when the original physical bill is not delivered. In such cases, it is best to check the Bijli Bill online. PSPCL offers an online facility to view or download the latest electricity bill.

In this article, you will know all about the process to download the pspcl bill. Let’s Get started.


  1. PSPCL Account Number
  2. Registered Mobile Number
  3. Internet Connection

Punjab Bijli Bill – How to Check online

NeedTo Check Electricity Bill Online in Punjab
MethodsOfficial Website and PSPCL App
Key RequirementCustomer Account Number

All PSPCL consumers can check their electricity bills either on the official website or on the mobile app. Earlier it was possible to view and download bills without logging in, but now you need to register on the PSPCL portal to check your bills.

bijli bill check punjab

Without Registration, you won’t be able to enjoy the online services.

PSPCL Registration – How to Create New Account

Follow this registration process:

  • Enter your Name
  • Provide your Mobile number and email
  • On the next page provide the OTP and set a password
create pspcl account
  • After successfully doing so, you will see a success message
user registration successful
  • Now, Login with the email ID or mobile number using the password you just set

Bijli Bill Account Login

After successful account creation, you need to log in to proceed with the Bijli Bill check process

  • Login to your account
  • Go to “My Accounts”
pspcl login
  • Go to the section “Link Account Number”
  • Enter your Account Number and Click on Add
  • Click on “Get Details”
add pspcl account
  • Then, link the account by providing OTP

PSPCL Electricity Bill 2023 – How to View & Download

As mentioned earlier, one may check the bill on the official PSPCL website and mobile app. Let’s cover both methods one by one.

Checking Bijli Bill on PSPCL Portal

If you have successfully linked your account using the steps mentioned above, you shall be able to check bijli bill using these steps:

  • Login to your Account
  • Go to “Bill History”
  • Now, you will see your Bills. To view the bill, click on the link corresponding to the “View Bill” section
  • Now, your bill appears on the screen
  • You can view the whole electricity bill
  • To Download the bill as a PDF file, Click on “Print Bill”


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Check PSPCL Electricity Bill on the Phone

If you want to view on download your bijli bill on your phone in a more convenient way, just follow these steps:

  • Download the PSPCL App
  • Login to your Account or Create a new one by providing your Mobile Number
  • Enter the OTP received.
  • Now, Go to “My Bill” Section
  • Click on “Add Account Number”
  • Provide the Name and Account number
  • Click again on “Add Account Number”
  • Verify the ownership by providing OTP. That’s it the account number is now added
  • Now, go back to the dashboard and click on “My Bill”
  • Click on the Account number and then on “View Current Bill”
  • You can now check the Bijli bill details. You can even go to the “Previous Bills” section to view or download old electricity bills
Official WebsiteVisit Now
User Registration/ Create Accounthttps://billpayment.pspcl.in/pgBillPay.aspx?uc=AccountCreate
Mobile App DownloadDownload the Android | iOS App


How to Find the PSPCL Account number?

The account number is very important. Without it, you won’t be able to access PSPCL online services like checking bills, downloading bills, online payments etc. You can find the account number on any of your physical bills.

Can I check the bijli bill without creating an account on the PSPCL website?

No, as per the new security measures, you won’t be able to do so without registering on PSPCL and linking your account.

Is it possible to check bills on mobile without a mobile app?

Yes, you can use the PSPCL website on a mobile browser to check bill details.

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