Arms License Punjab 2023 – Apply Online for a Gun/Revolver License, Application Form

The process of obtaining an Arms license in Punjab is now online. Yes, just from your home you can apply for an Arms license. This could be a Pistol, Rifle or any other type of NPB (Non-Prohibited Bore) Gun. In this article, you will know everything related to Gun licenses in Punjab.

Arms License Punjab

In India, an arms license is governed by the Arms Act of 1959. Only NPB firearms may be purchased by civilians or Indian citizens who desire to acquire firearms (non-prohibited bore). This Act allows people who face a significant threat to their lives to get a firearms license.

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But how can the threat be proven?

The FIR (first information report) is all that is required to prove a danger, but acquiring an arms license in India is daunting.

In India, Punjab has the most people with firearms licenses. So, let’s know how to get an Arms license in Punjab.

Kindly understand that as per the Arms Act, firearms are categorized as :

Prohibited Bore (PB): This category contains fully automatic and semi-automatic firearms. Kindly note that firearms under this category can only be issued by the central government to some groups of people.

Non-Prohibited Bore(NPB): All types of firearms except the ones in the Prohibited bore category fall in this category. These firearms may be issued by central or state governments to citizens.

Eligibility for Owning Arms License in Punjab

The licensing authority won’t give a license if:

  • A license is needed for any banned weapons or banned ammunition.
  • When someone has given the licensing authority reason to believe:
  • The Indian Arms Act or any other law at the time prohibits purchasing, possessing, or carrying firearms or ammunition.
  • The applicant is mentally unsound.
  • The applicant is ineligible for a license for any reason.

Required documents When Applying for an Arms License Online or Offline.

  • You must have the proper form or link to apply
  • Address evidence
  • Report from the police and the head of the wildlife division
  • Certificate of physical fitness as requested
  • Certification of weapon training
  • Photographs
  • Title deed or property certificate
  • Certificate of Business/Operations
  • Recent passport-size photograph
  • Two independently certified Proofs of current residence address
  • Ration card \Aadhaar card
  • Pan card
  • Income tax returns

Arms License Fees 2023

  • Arms License in Punjab Fees information is available directly from the department’s office throughout the application process.

Here is the fee structure

You can check more fee details here –

New Gun License in Punjab 2023 – Application Form

  • To apply for an arm gun license in Punjab, the applicant must apply to the Arms Licensing branch of the local district magistrate administration office.
  • Ensure that the candidate is qualified to apply.
  • Before applying, please ensure that the required documents are in your hands.
  • Fill out the form and submit it to the authorities with the necessary documentation.
  • After receiving the application, the appropriate entries will be made in the registry, and the request will be transmitted for processing.
  • The application will be sent for verification to the local police station.
  • Competent authorities conduct thorough evaluations of threat-based standards of the arms by the applicant’s usage, safety practices of the arms by the applicant’s physical fitness for the ability to handle the arms, the applicant’s background, etc.
  • The report will be forwarded to the appropriate department.
  • The applicant is interviewed before the district commissioner/magistrate or the appropriate authority.
  • A completed arms license book is granted to the applicant if the preceding procedures are deemed suitable.
  • The applicant must acquire the firearm within six months of the issuing of the arms license.
  • After acquiring the firearm, the applicant must bring it to the Arms Licensing Branch with an application for the entrance of the firearm, a receipt from the gun store, and the arms license book.
  • Following internal processing and inspection, the competent authority signs the arms license book, and the applicant receives the book.
  • The NDAL (National Database on Arms License) Data Input Form must be completed by the applicant.
  • Submit it to the Department of the Arms Act for uploading to the National Database and generating a unique ID.

You can download the PDF Application form HERE

Punjab Arms License Online Apply

  • Visit the portal: Access to the Arms Licence website
  • Please choose to Apply Online from the menu to get a list of available services, then click the Apply Here option to access the application page.
  • Complete the page prompts for the category, state, district, licensing authority, and service to proceed to the next page.

For a new license choose the service: Application Form A-1 for grant of a new arms license in FORM II, III and IV

  • Please complete the Identity of applicant questions and click Next to proceed to the Further Information page prompts.
  • Complete the webpage prompt and select the appropriate tab to view the relevant license information for the next session. Click the appropriate option to complete this application once all the information has been entered. The applicant will upload the necessary documents and photos.
  • The applicant must keep a record of their online registration number for future use.
  • Please print the application and submit it with any required fees to the appropriate office for processing.
  • It will undergo additional processing to receive the license.


How to Apply for Domicile Certificate in Punjab

Punjab Police Online Complaint Portal

Punjab Arms License Renewal Online Process

  • Visit the official website
  • Applicants should have all the required documents before submitting their applications.
  • You must submit a renewal application for an arms license in the prescribed manner one month before the license’s expiration date.
  • At the time of renewal, the license holder must present their weapon and license for examination and pay the renewal fees.
  • The relevant authorities may evaluate the license holder’s physical strength and balance acuity if the license holder is a centenarian.
  • Verification of an individual’s current address and antecedent can be obtained from the local PS if necessary.
  • The renewal will be carried out immediately, and the license will be updated to include any relevant notations.

Processing Period

  • One month is the maximum period for issuing a new license.
  • Renewal is available within five days.

Arms License Helpline Number

Commissionerate, Room No. 227, Second Floor, Punjab Civil Sectriate-2, Sec-9, Chandigarh Telephone: +91-8968593812/13 Email:

Validity of the Arms License in Punjab

  • When a license is granted, it is valid for three years from the date of issue (unless cancelled sooner) and must be renewed before the expiration date.
  • The authorities may give the license for a shorter duration if the person requiring the license requests or if the licensing authority so determines that the license is periodically renewable—the authority can even request renewal within the renewal period for monitoring and billing.

Transfer Arms License in Punjab

The following information is required to apply for a transfer of arms license.

  • Applicants’ complete information.
  • Age and Date of Birth
  • Address details.
  • Signature/thumb impression.
  • Occupation and work designation Occupation and work designation
  • Other information about the application, such as Convicted – if so, (the officers) the conviction, sentence, and date of sentence.
  • Need for a permit zone in which the applicant desires to carry a firearm
  • The location where you can store it
  • Details about the prior license, if applicable

Relevance of the Document

  • A license for self-defence, general security, sports shooting, etc., is available to Indian nationals.
  • Anyone who intends to carry a firearm must first obtain a license and renew it before the expiration date.
  • Applicants must make every application for a license on the appropriate form (usually Form A).
  • Arm licenses, often known as gun licenses, are the government’s licenses or permits for qualified individuals.
  • It would be best if you renewed it before its expiration.

Other Helpful Information

  • For justifiable reasons, foreign nationals are permitted to possess and carry arms for six months throughout their stay in India.
  • Any Indian returning to India who has owned a firearm abroad for more than two years may seek an Indian license and carry the firearm back.


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